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Travelling to a place which is known as the capital of Vietnamese coffee, it seems a pity if you do not know about famous places to enjoy delicious coffee, beautiful space to take virtual living photos. Take note of the following cafés in Buon Ma Thuot and enjoy slowly.

Trung Nguyen Coffee Village

Covering 20,000 square meters, Trung Nguyen Coffee Village embraces the unique architectural style. The café is surely the place that attracts most tourists when they come to Buon Ma Thuot. Located at 222 Le Thanh Tong Street, Buon Ma Thuot City, this destination often welcomes tourists to visit and enjoy coffee.

 Many beautiful angles to take photos (Source: Instagram kuzbabie)

Romantic shooting angles (Source: Instagram vickendo)

At the entrance, you can see a large stone engraved the name of Trung Nguyen coffee village. This stone is considered an ideal backdrop for you to mark with a photo. Going inside, you will feel that the place is like a "small Central Highlands" because its architectural style embraces cultural identity of the Central Highlands.

Remember your footsteps here with a photo (Source: Instagram _vanhoang)


The entrance of Trung Nguyen Coffee Village (Source: Instagram IG kennguyen179)

With a large area, Trung Nguyen coffee village is divided into 5 functional areas: Information booth, food court, museum, supermarket, and area for enjoying coffee. Its campus is planted with lots of trees which make the space fresh and airy.

World’s coffee museum at the Trung Nguyen Coffee Village (Source: Instagram tien.cataria)

You will have a chance to buy tasty coffee here (Source: Instagram vuongvinh6202)

Coming to the Trung Nguyen Coffee village, tourists can buy original coffee with strong favor, enjoy Vietnamese delicious food and visit antiques at the world’s coffee museum.


Enjoy your favorite coffee taste (Source:Instargram son_nguyen89)

Arul Coffee

Arul Coffee is located at 17 - 19 Tran Nhat Duat, Tan Loi Ward, Buon Me Thuot City. Located on Ako Dhong village which is one of the most beautiful villages of Buon Ma Thuot, Arul coffee brings you a special feeling and makes your rendezvous become more interesting. The space for enjoying traditional coffee in the houses on stilts whose interior is decorated with unique objects of ethnic minority people including H’go drum, chandelier with gourds, the basket, ...

The entrance with lots of flowers makes the space become romantic (Source:

Arul Coffee becomes fanciful under the lights (Source: Arul coffee)

Visitors can climb up stairs to go inside and enjoy coffee. Its floor is made of natural wood which makes your seat quite cool and comfortable. You can also go to the back of the garden which is planted a lot of trees to enjoy coffee and see the scenery outside.

Inside the café which embraces the traditional architecture (Source:

Spacious and airy space (Source: Arul Coffee)

Bus Coffee

Bus Coffee is one of the most unique cafés in Buon Me Thuot. The café is highlighted by an old bus in the middle of the shop and its interior has western-style design. The ceiling lights are turned on to create a cosy feeling for you. Especially in the evening, the café atmosphere is really romantic. If you sit by the glass window and enjoy a warm cup of coffee in rainy days, everything will make you remember your first sweet love. Come to the Bus Coffee at 16 Nguyen Son Street, Buon Me Thuot to have interesting experience.

Café is highlighted by a bus (Source:

Bus coffee helps you remember your memories when you were students (Source:

Bus Coffee’s space (Source:

Warm meeting place in the windy days (Source: IG dtp.otc.08)

House of lens café

Name of the coffee shop sounds interesting. Go inside the café, you will find peaceful with classic style design. It has the address at 14/19 Cu Chinh Lan Street, Buon Me Thuot City and is one of the youth’s favorite café in the city. The inside has a spacious space and has enough seats for a crowded group.

House of lens has classic color (Source: House of lens coffee)

You can come to the café to listen to music every Saturday (Source: House of lens coffee)

When all lights are turned on with melodious acoustic music, it will be really a romantic meeting place. The space of coffee shop reminds me of old memories and has many beautiful angles to take photos. The menu is quite diverse with the most favorite drinks including coffee, peach tea, matcha ice cream.

House lens coffee is shot from the height (Source:

Visitors can look at old beauty at the café (Source: House lens coffee)

Azzan café

The Azzan café is located at 25 Tran Phu Street, Buon Me Thuot City. The café opens at 7:30am and close at 5:30pm. Come to the shop early at weekends if you have free time. It has modern style design mixing with the classic Vintage style. Blue color with warm light makes its space become luxurious and polite.

Outside of Azzan Coffee (Source:

Round lights make the café sparkling (Source: IG-giangbeoo)

Virtual living angles will help you have beautiful photos (Source: IG ghostbbbmt)

Come to Azzan café, you will have a chance to taste cups of original coffee. Coffee manufacturing stages beginning from harvesting to roasting are handmade. Therefore, cups of coffee have strong and unforgettable favor.

Virtual living with delicious cups of coffee (Source: IG ninggninggg)

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