Unique Health Praying Ceremony for Elephants (20/02/2019, 08:22)

On the occasion of Lunar New Year (Tet), visitors often came to Ban Don Cultural Ecotourism Area (N’Drech Village, Ea Huar commune). They have not only visited, played with gentle and hospitality elephants but also learnt elephant culture and rituals of healthy praying ceremony for elephants.

The key figure of the ceremony were seven elephants, including one elephant of the Ban Don Cultural Ecotourism Area and six elephants of M’nong households in Krong Na commune, Buon Don district.

The shaman invites the Gods to witness the ceremony and  give health to elephants

The shaman was the elder of N’Drech village – Ae Somic, one good hunter and trainer of the area. The offerings included three jars of wine, two chickens, one pig, bee wax candle, cooked rice, rice and brocade costumes for elephants.


Rituals of applying pig’s blood on elephants’ head to pray for elephants’ good health.

In the ceremony, the shaman invited Yang, the God of the mountains, the God of rivers, and the God of elephants Nguach Ngual ... to witness the offerings and prayed for health to the elephants. After that, mahouts used their hands to hold the sacrificial pig's head on the elephant's head, the shaman prayed and put the pig’s blood on the elephant's head to pray for the elephant to be healthy, obedient and helpful for their hosts in important jobs.

Visitors enjoy the wine after the ceremony.

Mrs. Le Thi Thanh Ha, Director of Ban Don Ecotourism Co., Ltd. said that the healthy praying ceremony for elephants has been organized twice per year to thank Gods and elephants for their contribution on the development of the area. Thereby, visitors will be enjoy more with Buon Don’s elephant culture, learn more about the important role of elephants in daily life and the respect of the Central Highlands peoples for the animal embodying the power, authority and wealth.



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