Press conferences on 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023 to be held in three Cities (02/02/2023, 17:03)


According to the Organizing Committee of the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023, press conferences will be held in three cities across the country.

The press conference in Ho Chi Minh City will be slated for 3 February 2023, Ha Noi on 10 February, and Buon Ma Thuot City on 17 February.

In the conferences, official information on the Festival agenda and activities will be announced to the domestic and foreign news agencies and press agencies, followed by some promotion activities and question-and-answer sessions.

The press conferences will be hosted by the Head of Organizing Committee; representative of Vietnam Coffee Cocoa Association; leaders of local departments and agencies; Festival Ambassadors, KOLs, KOCs; representatives of central and local press agencies and news agencies.

H’Hen Nie – Festival Ambassador of the 7th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2019 and distinguished guests at the launching ceremony of the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Book Street

The 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023 will be an event to honor and praise the coffee culture, the coffee farmers, and the coffee industry, as well as to promote the Buon Ma Thuot coffee brand with a vision to make Buon Ma Thuot emerge as “the world’s coffee destination”. Thus, pre-Festival promotion activities have been conducted with vigor by the Organizing Committee. 


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