Must-try dishes if you visit in Dak Lak (25/02/2019, 10:26)

In addition to enjoying the beauty of such tourist attractions in Dak Lak as: Don Village, Lak Lake, Yok Don National Park, etc.., visitors should not miss the chance to taste diversified and unique local dishes.

1. Gà nướng Bản Đôn (Don-village grilled chicken)

Lemon grass grilled chicken, a famous dish in Don village, Dak Lak

After well rinsed and marinated, chicken is grilled on the heat of fire until cooked, then served with “Muối  eč” -  a mixture of rock salt, green chili and eč (one spice herb leaf) - a popular spice herb in the Central Highlands. The fragrant and sweet taste of chicken in combination with the deep spicy of “Muối eč” will seduce any tourist.

2. Cá bống kho riềng (Stewed goby with galangal) 

Stewed goby with galangal is a specialty of Dak Lak people. Goby has fragrant and firm meat due to living at waterfall foot. The fish is cooked with galangal, which helps to remove its strong smell. Stewed goby with galangal can be served with steam rice or rice cooked in bamboo, and definitely is a must - try dish in Dak Lak.

3. Lẩu cá lăng (Bagrid catfish hotpot)

Among various dishes from crystal-eyed catfish (also known as Lăng fish), the most impressive one is Lăng fish hotpot with a unique flavor of the Central Highlands.

After being cleaned and sliced, Lăng fish is dipped into hot water to make its meat firm. Fry pounded onion, add and stir tomatoes and fresh turmeric, then put Lăng fish, sour bamboo shoots, spices and stir for a moment, and finally pour bone broth into the pot and boil.

Lăng fish hotpot is a popular soup especially in hot summer days served with soft noodles.

4. Rau Djam (Djam vegetable)

Djam vegetable’s appearance looks like Laksa leaves, easily gets broken and withered. However, it tastes stand-alone bitter sweet when being well cooked with other vegetables such as bamboo shoots, tubers, mushrooms, etc.

This specialty is worth to try when you have a chance to visit Dak Lak.

5. Hotpot of Rau Rừng (Wild vegetables)

This dish is made from 10 wild vegetables and dried shrimp or some other kinds of meat. It was founded by Ede people when they were in difficult time; this dish has become a specialty of this area nowadays.

It is called hotpot but actually looks more like a kind of soup with a deep smell of jungle.

All the above dishes are normally used for guest reception and promise to bring you a strong impression since the very first bite.

Source : Phununews

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