Effectively implement the program "Café with Entrepreneurs – Enterprises" in 2019 (20/03/2019, 09:14)

Dak Lak provincial People's Committee (PPC) has issued a directive document on continuing the effective implementation of the "Café with Entrepreneurs - Enterprises" program in 2019. Accordingly, the program "Café with Entrepreneurs - Enterprises” organized by the PPC (from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm every Tuesday) has generally gained achievements and been responded positively by entrepreneurs and enterprises. However, the participants of the program have still limited; meanwhile, information about the program has not been propagated and disseminated widely.

Vice Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Tuan Ha talks with an enterprises in a conference.

In order to effectively implement "Café with Entrepreneurs - Enterprises", the PPC required departments, agencies and units to continue implement this program in an efficient manner. Specifically, the PPC requested its Office to record the recommendations of enterprises, investors, Provincial Entrepreneurs’ Association and Provincial Young Entrepreneurs’ Association (if any) and advise the PPC to direct units and branches to answer in the next meeting.

The Department of Planning and Investment, as a focal point for synthesizing recommendations of enterprises and investors before meetings, should preside and coordinate with the Provincial Entrepreneurs’ Association and Provincial Young Entrepreneurs’ Association to carefully prepare conditions for meetings at the same time monitor and report to the PPC the results of solving difficulties for enterprises of departments, branches and units. The Provincial Entrepreneurs’ Association and Provincial Young Entrepreneurs’ Association  should receive information of registered enterprises and investors, sum up their difficulties and problems and send them to the Department of Planning and Investment in the morning Thursday of the previous week. After that, the Department of Planning and Investment should promptly report to the PPC for assigning branches to answer. Moreover, on the basis of the working schedule of the PPC leaders, 5 to 10 relevant enterprises will be invited to attend "Café with Entrepreneurs - Enterprises". The PPC also directed to widely inform about the program to the business community in the province.Departments, branches and localities were also directed to further promote propaganda on the program "Café with entrepreneurs - Enterprises"; absorb ideas related to their functions and tasks, which are reflected and proposed by enterprises, to promptly have written replies, answers or specific instructions for each enterprise.

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