Buon Ma Thuot City resolved to turn it into a “Civilized – Friendly – Hospitable Destination” during the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival in 2023 (08/03/2023, 06:57)

The Buon Ma Thuot Municipal People’s Committee is doing its best to gentrify urban areas, to do away with homeless beggars roaming in public places in order to ensure the social order and to create a better urban look with a view to attracting more tourists to the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival in 2023.

Urban gentrification and communication work for the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival in 2023 has been underway quite early at a cross section in the city

Mr. Tran Duc Nhat, Vice Chairman of Buon Ma Thuot Municipal People’s Committee said: “The city’s administration has been giving directives to all concerned bodies, including People’s Committees of city wards and communes to focus efforts on solving the question of roaming beggars in public places, to ensure social order, to create a better urban look in order to attract more tourists and to promote social and economic development. Particularly, roaming beggars during the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival should not allow to be happened.

According to the Vice Chairman of Buon Ma Thuot Municipal People’s Committee, over the last days, the functional bodies of the city have been mobilized forces to perform that task. As such, roaming beggars in streets, in public or market places… will be sent to social protection centers in the province of Dak Lak. 

Buon Ma Thuot City is determined not to let roaming beggars happen in the city as that will have negative impact on the urban look. The municipal administration has also asked restaurants, entertainment venues, tourist destinations, temples, churches…to commit themselves not to let roaming beggars into these places.

“The municipal administration at all levels will create conditions to help roaming beggars, who are in the working age. The administration at the city ward or commune levels will coordinate with relevant organizations to help roaming beggars to join job training courses in order to stabilize their life.


Work is being actively done to set up counters in the Exhibition on Coffee products

In the coming time, the city will continue to step up the communication work, to agitate and remind local people to respect the relevant regulations. The city, at the same time, will try to end the problem of shepherding, taking advantage of wandering beggars”, asserted Mr. Tran Duc Nhat.

Buon Ma Thuot City has also asked to repair and remove deteriorated propaganda billboards negatively affecting urban look before the start of the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival. So far, the People’s Committees at the city ward and commune level are reviewing all propaganda billboards in their areas so that deteriorated ones would be taken down before February 28. 

“If there are still deteriorated billboards in their areas, the Chairmen of the People’s Committees in these areas will bear responsibility before the Municipal People’s Community”, leading officials of the People’s Committee of Buon Ma Thuot City stated.

To best prepare for the Coffee Festival, the city administration is carrying out environmental sanitation, urban gentrification activities, and dealing with encroachment on roadways and sidewalks before the start of the 2023 Coffee Festival. Garbage and waste gathered in the wrong places will be thoroughly handled, the frequency of cleaning and collecting garbage will be increased.


Source: daklak.gov.vn

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