Buon Ma Thuot city: Expeditiously prepare to celebrate Tet Holiday (15/02/2019, 07:52)

In Buon Ma Thuot at the end of 2018, the preparation is being urgently implemented to compete before the Lunar New Year Festival (Tet) – Ky Hoi Spring 2019 across the city’s streets.

Mrs. Phan Thi Minh Thao, Head of Urban Management Division of Buon Ma Thuot city, said that the preparation has been implemented early to ensure the city’s activities during Tet and the 7th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival. In which, the city has basically completed the paving of some inner-city roads according to the medium-term public investment plan for the 2016-2020 period.

Besides, the city’s functional agencies are expeditiously patching the pavement, repainting the blurred road marking, replacing and repairing the traffic lights, additionally installing traffic signs and informatory signs to ensure safety and convenience for people and tourists during Tet Holiday. At the same time, they have also regularly monitored and urged the licensed projects to implement the project of connecting electrical systems, telecommunication cables, clean water, etc., collect excess materials on the sidewalk and roads and handover the site as soon as completing the construction before December 23rd Lunar Calendar.

Repaving the road at the Coffee Book Street area

In addition, public works, monuments and parks are being repaired and renovated to wear a new "shirt" on the occasion of new Spring. Particularly, the City People's Committee has completed the pavement patching and barrier installment around the March 10th Square. The city is also repairing the fountain system, decorating led system and five electronic welcome gates. Public lighting system at some roads, Six-way Roundabout and March 10th Square has been replaced by new light bulbs to ensure higher illumination. The decorative power system is also additionally installed on many central streets with 49 light string wrapped on areca trees, 700 lights on green trees, 26 sets of metal headlights, 500 colored plastic balls with compact lights, etc. Besides, Dak Lak Urban and Environment Co., Ltd is pruning green trees on the street, taking care of coffee tree pots on the sidewalk, repainting all flowerpots and adding 250 new flowerpots in public areas.

At the same time, the City People's Committee urged the units in cleanup, waste collection and transport, not to let waste remain on roadbeds, sidewalks, public works and especially at markets and roads for selling flowers and ornamental plants. Communes and wards actively should mobilize the people to decorate and refurbish their houses, maintain environmental sanitation in residential areas, raise the sense of responsibility of urban residents. At the same time, the People's Committees of the wards and the city's functional forces should also intensify the inspection, handling and sanctioning according to their competence to limit violations, thus adversely affecting urban space.

Expeditiously embellish urban areas, repaving roads in Buon Ma Thuot city.


Especially, to create focal points for Ky Hoi Spring, TP. Buon Ma Thuot has mobilized funds to continue building the flower street with a length of 180 m on the right of Nguyen Tat Thanh street (from Six-way Roundabout). The theme of flower arrangement and small landscape layout is closely associated with the economic and social development of the city, the province and the animal designation of 2019, creating a vivid, harmonious picture with a sense of joyful Spring. As a new feature compared to the previous year, the flower street is linked to the Coffee Book Street at No. 2 Phan Chu Trinh alley, with many unique mural paintings. These locations promises to be a place to attract many people and visitors to visit and "check in" to save their Spring journey.

According to the City Management Division, the budget for the urban preparation in Tet Holiday – Ky Hoi Spring and the 7th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival is about VND 10 billion, focusing on repairing, renovating and upgrading some roads, sidewalks, rain water drainage system, traffic signs and lights, decorative lights, welcome gates, etc. in the city.


 Source: http://baodaklak.vn/

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