Opening the 7th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival (13/03/2019, 10:00)

The 7th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival opened at 10/3 Square, Buon Ma Thuot city in the evening of March 9, 2019, with the presence of Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh; Dak Lak Provincial Secretary and Head of the Festival Steering Committee Eban Y Phu; Dak Lak Provincial Deputy Secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee and Deputy Head of the Festival Steering Committee Pham Ngoc Nghi; Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee and Head of the Festival Organizing Committee Nguyen Tuan Ha.

The Festival Organizing Committee honors the Festival’s sponsors

The Festival also saw participation of the Party and the State leaders through periods, representatives of ministries, central branches, localities and international guests; Dak Lak provincial leaders through the periods, comrades in the Provincial Standing Committee, Provincial People's Council, Provincial People's Committee, Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, leaders of departments, agencies, unions, districts, towns and cities; representatives of coffee producers, processors and exporters, domestic and foreign tourists along with many local people. Besides, participating in the program was Miss H’Hen Nie - Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, Top 5 at Miss Universe and the Communications Ambassador of the 7th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2019.

The first art performance of the Opening ceremony        

The program started with spectacular performances by many actors and singers combining with dancing, theater, and co-stars, creating a festive color ... through the presentation of many songs. Famous local and national artists gathered together; the performances ranged from traditional to modern on the theme of general thought, mixed with special stage effects. Besides, the Highland Festival space was shown through typical artistic images. The program painted a picture of the whole Central Highlands full of life, dreams and hopes. The modern, young and dynamic highlight of the art repertoire reflected the vitality of the developing land.

Art performances imbue with Central Highlands cultural identities

Natural factors including “Land – Water – Wind – Fire” have been used to portray and draw a picture of the cultural and spiritual life of the Central Highlands people; conveying a certain characteristic of coffee trees, as well as the spiritual beauty and characteristic of the local residents.

Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh delivers his remarks at the Opening ceremony

Addressing the event, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh highlighted and acknowledged the achievements of Dak Lak in the past time. In order to sustainably develop agriculture and rural areas in our country in general, the coffee industry in particular, he called on the local authorities of Dak Lak province and other coffee-growing provinces to review the current situation of their coffee growing in order to meet the current trend of the world’s market and ensure sustainable production. He also requested Dak Lak province to restructure the coffee sector toward large-scale and concentrated production in association with preserving, processing and consuming products; encourage and attract private investment in coffee re-cultivation besides increasing the application of science and high technology to boost productivity and quality, reduce production costs and adapt to climate change.

Besides, the Permanent Deputy Prime Minister also suggested that ministries and central branches should be more active in supporting provinces in scientific research, creating good mechanisms and policies for coffee growers and coffee products. He also directed the Vietnam Coffee - Cocoa Association to promote its role as a focal point for provinces to share their experiences in coffee growers and processors to ensure stable productivity, high quality, and sustainable development, thus bringing high economic benefits to localities and countries.

The last art performance at the Opening Ceremony

The 7th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival under the theme “The Quintessence of Jungle” aims to increase the value and position of Vietnamese coffee brand in the global market, in particular, step by step to make Buon Ma Thuot become the destination of world coffee.

Also, the Festival is one of the practical activities commemorating the 44th anniversary of the Buon Ma Thuot Victory – Dak Lak’ liberation (March 10, 1975-2019), paved the way for the Spring 1975 General Uprising to liberate southern Vietnam for national unification.

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